An ode to the immensity of Canada’s seasonally-changing wilderness

The camera slowly pans over a glacier. White clouds are seen swirl silently over icy cornices above, held hanging against a deep blue sky—waiting for release. The view shifts, moving under soaring evergreens, their pine needles matted with layer upon layer of fresh snow; wrapped up tight in winter’s hardship. These branches stand still in the cold crystalline … Continued

We're going BIG with IMAX, all September on Love Nature

We’ve got a treat for you this September on Love Nature: stunning ultra-High Definition IMAX documentaries, and lots of them: ANTARCTICA Antartica takes you to a continent beyond imagination. Discover a new world and learn of Antarctica’s wildlife in a way never before possible.  The film creates a sensation of truly being there—a remarkable film … Continued

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Come and say 'awww' to adorable alpaca this week on Love Nature

We’ve got a whole host of new shows and documentaries for you this week on the Love Nature streaming app. Join activists in the soaring treetops of Texas with Above All Else, dive under the waves with  Dolphin Army, get lost in the land of fire and ice in Nordic Wild, discover an almost extra-terrestrial realm in Moray Eels: Alien Empire or immerse … Continued

Tales of love and loss among Borneo's Pygmy Elephants

In the midst of Malaysia’s sweaty Sabah jungle, on the island of Borneo, an incredible encounter take place. Flora, a young pygmy elephant, approaches Englebert ‘Bert’ Dausip, a local wildlife ranger, and extends her trunk. Lacking an elongated proboscis of his own, Bert mimics the action with his arm, and the two characters connect, shaking … Continued

Seahorses: Wanted Dead or Alive—Brand new documentary streaming this week on Love Nature

A horse’s head, a monkey’s tail, males that give birth—seahorses are by all accounts fascinating freaks of nature. They have captured human hearts and become an icon of our oceans, but today these enchanting fish have a price on their head, the animals being worth up to their weight in silver. Indeed, the demand for seahorses is … Continued

The odd, the weird and the utterly unbelievable

Space travel and the search for extraterrestrial beings is all well and good, but really, we have all the amazing and awe-inspiring alien-like lifeforms that anyone could possible dream up right here on Earth. Especially in the wet bits. I challenge anyone to watch the mind-bending documentary Fish Life – The Odd, The Weird and … Continued

Why we’ve taken Nature online, ‘On Demand’

As you’ve already probably deduced from the name, at Love Nature we are pretty passionate about the natural world, and about discovering the best ways to communicate our love for wildlife to like-minded enthusiasts right across the Earth. That’s why we decided to launch a video streaming service exclusively focused on nature, the environment, conservation, … Continued

5 fresh new documentaries, now streaming on Love Nature

From the threatened Icelandic Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopuss) to adorable Namib meerkats (Suricata suricatta)—we’ve got a show for all the family this week, new to the Love Nature streaming app. Dive into nature like never before with the following documentaries and nature scenes. ON THE APP Alert, Threatened Species—Eps. 1 The current rate at which wild animals around … Continued

8 animal-rescue documentaries to renew your faith in humankind

We’ve all seen the videos; heard the heartwarming stories. An animal is in distress—it’s scared, alone, potentially injured, when all of a sudden a human or two comes along to help. Through the hard work of a few determined individuals, the creature is rescued, rehabilitated, and—all good things willing—soon released back into the wild. Sometimes these rescue … Continued

Check out these fresh documentaries streaming on Love Nature this month

Take a look at some of the brand new documentaries and nature scenes coming to the Love Nature app this month. Not subscribed to Love Nature? Sign up now to start your free 30-day trial.

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What's a swimming down in the deep ocean?

Have you ever experienced that moment where you’re playing in the ocean and go to stand up, only to find the seafloor has completely dropped away from you? What lies in the deeper depths of the world’s waters has always held an immense fascination for humankind, going back as far as the 4th century BC where—as … Continued

Satisfy your natural curiosity with these awesome new documentaries

No doubt at some point in your life you’ll have been sitting outdoors when you noticed a long line of ants, slowly marching their way across the earthy ground. Where are they going? What are they doing? How do they know where they’re going? Well to satisfy that innate curiosity about these fascinating formicidaes, we’ve got a new … Continued

Editor's pick: 4 amazing documentaries on nature tech

How and why are you reading these words right now? Chances are it’s because you’ve been brought to this webpage through hardware and computer algorithms that are today part and parcel of modern life. But what you might not know is that these extremely advanced technologies are in no small part inspired by solutions lifted … Continued

This week we’ve got you covered with 5 amazing new natural history docs

So it’s a rainy, blustery start to the week. The grind’s only just begun yet all you want to do is get through the day, get home and flop down on the couch to watch something interesting about the wild world—currently blowing a gale just outside your window. Well you’re in luck, as we’ve got … Continued

These new natural history documentaries will help get you through the week

From the bottom of the ocean to beneath the bustling streets of Bangkok, some of the world’s most interesting animals tend to keep hidden away out of sight. So we’ve gone and searched out the best documentaries of these fascinating creatures, and the good news is they’re available to watch right now, on Love Nature’s video streaming service. So from slithering snakes to … Continued

This week's 5 big new shows, only on Love Nature

The wilderness is one great big and beautiful place. So to celebrate this amazing fact we’re bringing some bright and bold shows to our exclusive natural history streaming service. From enormous elephant births to flourishing underwater ecosystems, onto the beautiful beaches of the Bahamas, check out our planet at its most bright and bountiful this … Continued

As NASA announces 1284 new planets, join us on a journey through space & time

NASA’s announcement this week that astronomers using the Kepler Space Telescope have just discovered another 1,284 exoplanets (new worlds that exist beyond the realm of our own solar system) makes the short film Cosmic Journeys: Interstellar Flight even more fantastically mind-bending viewing, with its use of CGI, history and science-based fiction to explain how the … Continued

New on the App: 5 superb shows to stoke your wild side

This week we’re excited to present a whole host of new shows airing on our exclusive video streaming app. So why not take a wander across pristine moorland, head out on a choppy oceanic voyage with the founding members of Greenpeace, or join a team of elite biologists on a mission to penetrate the dangerous underwater caves of Botswana’s Okavango Delta—all … Continued

From sneaky snakes to skilful sparrows: These 5 new shows simply shouldn’t be missed

Nature’s ingenuity can take many forms. From the highly complex and deadly neurotoxins that reside within a snake’s fangs, to the humble sparrow’s stealthy integration into complex cityscapes—the natural world always finds a way to make the best out of any given situation. It has to, else it simply wouldn’t survive. At Love Nature, we … Continued

We're pretty excited to be bringing you these new documentaries

What’s your favourite animal? That’s such a tough question right? There are so many incredible species right of fauna right across the planet, the task of choosing just one above all the others seem downright difficult, if not impossible. However if we were really, really forced to pick, you’d probability find chimpanzees—our closest cousins—somewhere towards the top of … Continued

6 nature shows you simply have to watch this week

The air is slowly losing its bite as life once again awakens from winter’s slumber (if you happen to live in the Northern Hemisphere at any rate). It’s time to get out and about—to head out into nature and enjoy the sunshine of this newly-released spring, soon to be summer! But don’t worry, once you … Continued

Check out the fresh new nature shows on the app this week

In our opinion, you can never get enough nature documentaries. There’s something about sitting down and putting on a great show about the many animals that inhabit our grand old planet that really get’s us going. That’s why we’ve collated some of the most interesting natural history documentaries out there right now and bundled them … Continued