11 of the strangest animal genitals on the planet

There are many things that fascinate us about the animal kingdom, from certain species’ habitats and their genetic makeups to their habits and overall dispositions. But one of the things we can’t help but continue to be the most fascinated by is the mating rituals of certain creatures and critters… especially when they happen to … Continued

5 killer animals less dangerous than taking a selfie

Think of Earth’s deadliest killers, and the same animals always seem to spring to mind. Sharks, bears, alligators; these are the creatures that we consistently mark out as Mother Nature’s most bloodthirsty beasts. Look at the stats, however, and you’ll realise that these sharp-toothed megafauna aren’t half as deadly as we make them out to … Continued

Multiple alligators killed after boy's death in Orlando Disney resort

Five alligators were captured and killed in the immediate aftermath of a tragic death involving a two-year-old boy at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, it has been revealed. According to reports, at around 9pm on Tuesday evening, the boy—who has been named as Lane Graves—waded into about a foot of water at the edge … Continued