8 amazing travel adventures for wildlife lovers

We all need a vacation once in a while, whether it’s a staycation, lounging around on a beach, or booking a tour to see all of a city or country’s most popular tourist spots. Or, if you’re a wildlife lover who wants to avoid the canned vacation experience altogether, then you could break that mould … Continued

Meet Vanessa, the fastest woman to climb the highest mountain on each continent

Vanessa O’Brien is a British-American mountaineer, explorer, public speaker and former business executive. She’s the fastest woman in the world to have climbed the Seven Summits—the highest mountain on each continent—and has also skied the last degree (60 nautical miles) to both the North and South Poles. We caught up with the ever-enthusiastic ex-banker to hear … Continued

The extraordinary story of the explorer who disappeared in Africa, then sent a 'friend request' 13-years-later

‘With the bicentenary of the death of the British explorer Mungo Park approaching, I thought it would be a fitting tribute to his memory to recreate his travels in post-colonial West Africa. I intend to follow the brief set for him by the African Association in 1795 to discover the River Niger and to follow … Continued

Why this adventurer followed Darwin's footsteps up a threatened Argentinian river

At the end of November 2014, Leon McCarron and Tom Allen set off for Patagonia to follow the Santa Cruz river across Argentina. Inspired by the story of the first European crew to explore the area in 1834—which included on its roster a very young and altogether impressionable Charles Darwin—Leon, Tom and their friend Jose used the expedition’s old diaries to … Continued

Chasing swans from Russia to England, on a paramotor

An intrepid conservationist is so concerned about the drastic drop in the population of a species of swan, she’s preparing to follow them as they migrate from the Russian Arctic to England, travelling through the air for 4,500 miles and crossing some of the most extreme terrain on the planet while, hanging from a flimsy … Continued