We’re going BIG with IMAX, all September on Love Nature

We’ve got a treat for you this September on Love Nature: stunning ultra-High Definition IMAX documentaries, and lots of them:

Sled dog team mawson baseANTARCTICA

Antartica takes you to a continent beyond imagination. Discover a new world and learn of Antarctica’s wildlife in a way never before possible.  The film creates a sensation of truly being there—a remarkable film experience where, through the heartfelt words of Antarctica explorer Robert Scott, you’ll re-live the brutal hardships, wonders and isolation of this epic wilderness.


DC_13Narrated by actor Pierce Brosnan and starring a bevy of marine biologists and research scientists, Dolphins highlights more than 40 different types of dolphins and explores their unique place in the world’s oceans. The film follows dolphins in their natural habitats, which include the bright blue seas of the West Indies and the cooler waters of Patagonia, and explores the creatures’ impressive intelligence, sociable behaviour and highly specialised hunting skills.


_LEX3579Rescue will capture the dynamics and drama of disaster response, giving the audience an insiders view of a truly remarkable force for good in a world that is increasingly in need of it. From the individual civilian at risk for their life adrift at sea to a massive natural disaster threatening thousands of lives, there is a mechanism and resources in place to help save lives.



Discover the world of bears and experience a fascinating encounter with one of nature’s most inspiring and misunderstood creatures. From a past steeped in mythology to a future shrouded in uncertainty, this film contains stunning footage of these enterprising omnivores in the full glory of their varied natural habitats. Come closer than ever before to polar bears on the Arctic tundra, black bears in Montana and grizzlies in Alaska as they struggle to raise their cubs, and most importantly, to survive in an increasingly human-dominated world. Learn about the specific challenges facing each of these species—and why protecting them benefits wildlife and people everywhere.


Lion Africa Logo Color_720pxThis film brings to life the incredible story of the Great Migration, taking viewers on a journey with over 1.5 million animals as they travel over 500 miles across the two East African countries of Tanzania and Kenya. The film follows life’s great cycles—dry season followed by life-giving rains, death followed by triumphant birth.

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