Three bears chased from property by tiny French Bulldog

A plucky guard dog has shown that enough courage can make even opponents five-times your size cower in their fur, after it chased away three bears from its California home.

When the bears—believed to each be about a year old and weighing more than 100lbs—wandered into Jules’ front yard (and one onto the balcony, out of sight) the 20lb French Bulldog knew it was her duty to protect the family abode.

She quickly went after the bears. The intruders initially tried to fight back before running around in circles and scurrying up a fence in their panic to escape the tiny terror suddenly snapping at their heels.

Jules’ owner David Hernandez told ‘She blew me away, I couldn’t believe that she turned into a wolverine.’

It is reported that in recognition for her valiant courage in the face of outnumbering and outsized invaders, Jules was rewarded with a bath, treats and oodles of affection from her very grateful owners.

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