This little koala is the most adorable hugger on the internet

We all have those moments where the only thing that’ll make the world a better place is a good hearty hug, and this little marsupial is no exception.

The baby koala, named Imogen, is seen exploring her new home in a koala sanctuary for the first time. Then all of a sudden—perhaps made nervous by the unfamiliar environment—she bounds toward the cameraman, scrambling up his leg and under his arm, wrapped up in a clinging embrace.

Filmed by the Symbio Wildlife Park and uploaded on their YouTube page, the clip has so far received nearly 800,000 views in a week, and it’s clear the young joey has become something of an internet sensation.

Just last month the Park uploaded another heart-warming viral video of her called ‘Raising Imogen,’ documenting the ever-present joys and mischievous moments of the young-one’s hand-reared upbringing, all in the form of an adorable baby diary.

There’s no getting around it: this little koala is indescribably sweet and we’re all feeling just a touch jealous of the cameraman with his cute cuddle partner.

However marsupials aren’t the only animals that enjoy their hugs; only a few days ago a mother bat was filmed giving its baby a relieved embrace after losing him for two hours only for the pair to be reunited again after the juvenile was discovered by a wildlife rescue group.