We’re pretty excited to be bringing you these new documentaries

What’s your favourite animal? That’s such a tough question right? There are so many incredible species right of fauna right across the planet, the task of choosing just one above all the others seem downright difficult, if not impossible. However if we were really, really forced to pick, you’d probability find chimpanzees—our closest cousins—somewhere towards the top of our love list.

So that’s why, absolute favourite or not, we’re excited to present new to our exclusive video streaming app the documentary Land of the Apes. In the show, Primatologist Aliette Jamart and her team Journey to the Conkouati ape sanctuary in the heart of the Congolese jungle to study the fascinating behaviour of a troop of wild chimpanzees.

But don’t worry, if chimps aren’t your thing then we’ve also added a handful of alternative (and totally amazing) new shows to the service, including these ones below


Land of the Apes

Journey to the Conkouati ape sanctuary in the heart of the Congolese jungle. Primatologist Aliette Jamart and her team provide the daily nutritional needs and medical care to a troop of chimpanzees while they study their fascinating behaviour in the wild.

Mama Hyena


In this award-winning film, follow a mother hyena as she raises her clan of pups. The games of dominance and submission she plays with her offspring allow her to establish the next female who will succeed her as matriarch.

Mystery of the Fairy Circles

Photo by Felix Lipov / Shuttertsock
Photo by Felix Lipov / Shuttertsock

Hundreds of thousands of circles of barren red soil mark the Namib Desert floor. Are they meteorite craters? Contaminated soil deposits? UFO landing sites? To find the answers to this mysterious phenomenon, researchers may have to dig deep below the surface.

Norin’s Ark: Savannah


Norin Chai is a brilliant and compassionate veterinarian. For more than twenty years, he has been working to protect and care for wild animals all over the world. In this episode, Norin is faced with the challenge of mending a deep wound on a young elephant’s trunk. Unless action is taken quickly, it could become highly infected and would have to be amputated.

Aerials: Arizona—Part 2

Photo by bcampbell65 / Shutterstock
Photo by bcampbell65 / Shutterstock

Nature Scenes are an immersive, ultra HD, Slow TV viewing experience—unencumbered by words—showing our world at its most beautiful. One half hour of uninterrupted aerials of Arizona’s canyons and the Vermillion Cliffs. Glide through these stunning rock formations and breathtaking views to discover the vast beauty of this landscape.

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