Satisfy your natural curiosity with these awesome new documentaries

No doubt at some point in your life you’ll have been sitting outdoors when you noticed a long line of ants, slowly marching their way across the earthy ground. Where are they going? What are they doing? How do they know where they’re going? Well to satisfy that innate curiosity about these fascinating formicidaes, we’ve got a new documentary up on Love Nature: Ants—Nature’s Secret Power.

Or perhaps your intrigues lies out in the world’s oceans instead? In that case, Alien Reefs will definitely see you right. Or maybe—if you’re just after a bit of light relief—why not take take a peek behind the scenes at Berlin Zoo, with the adorable Zoo Juniors.

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Ants—Nature’s Secret Power
1606590Hundreds of thousands of alien-like beings with the strength to lift over ten times their body weight live beneath us. This superorganism thrives not only on its brute strength, but how each individual cooperates through a secret form of communication.

Alien Reefs

1886614Come explore the cold-water reefs where the strange denizens of the deep live their whole existence in almost pure darkness. Discover the bizarre corals, sponges, crustaceans and fish that can only be found amongst an alien-like landscape that is situated 4,000 metres below the ocean’s surface.

Zoo Juniors 101

1914054Witness the lives of baby animals growing up at the Berlin Zoo. A trio of baby jaguars undergo routine check-ups while a pregnant tapir is about to give birth. Meanwhile, a baby elephant takes her first steps alongside her mother.

Zoo Juniors 102

1907870Observe how the staff of the Berlin Zoo patiently build relationships based on positive reinforcement with newborn animals. By nurturing these animals from an early age, an incredible bond is formed between these zookeepers and the endangered animals placed under their care.

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