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Summer has finally arrived! It’s hot, the sun is shining—you might even be able to get a decent tan, if the clouds hold off. Of course if you do find yourself too hot and flushed, us humans can always can always head off inside for a cool drink and a refreshing lie down. But not so for Nature’s desert-dwelling beasts, many of which have come up with innovative and ingenious solutions to cope with life in the extreme heat of the planet’s driest regions instead. From the blistering sands of the Namibia’s shining red desert, to the intense seasonal dryness of Kenya’s Meru National Park, head off on a hot new journey this summer with the following shows, all now streaming on Love Nature.

Screen Shot 2016-07-04 at 10.05.28Eden in the Red Desert

The Namib is said to be the oldest desert in the world and is home to the highest sand dunes on Earth. Along with 3,500 species of plants, the elephants such as elephants, antelopes, lions, giraffes and rhinoceros roam freely in this rich but fragile Garden of Eden.

2294182The Meadow

The flower meadow, an ocean of colours and shapes, is home to countless species of animals. Some live underground, some among the blades of grass and others populate the colourful canopy. This award-winning documentary is a technical tour de force. It uses time lapse photography, special effects and CGI to track the development of one European meadow all the way back to the ice age.

2294183Sixgill Shark: Into the Abyss

The sixgill shark is a primitive giant predator, rarely encountered by divers. For Natali Tesche-Ricciardi, finding this elusive shark is the ultimate challenge. Follow her as she dives into the treacherous Messina Strait in search of a mesmerising encounter with this forgotten goliath of the abyss.

2294184Twenty Masterpieces of Nature: Meru

Out of the devastation of war and the ravages of unscrupulous poachers, Meru National Park has emerged as one of the great wildlife refuges in Kenya. Home to critically endangered species such as the black rhinoceros, park rangers must patrol the grounds night and day to ensure their protection.

2237501Environment: Utah—Part 2

Nature Scenes are an immersive, ultra HD, Slow TV viewing experience—unencumbered by words—showing our world at its most beautiful. An hour of uninterrupted Bahamas landscapes. One hour of uninterrupted footage of Utah’s beautiful Zion National Park. Discover the deep canyons and jaw-dropping vistas of this amazing landscape complete with mountain goats and steep cliffs.

2219215Underwater: Belize—Part 2

Nature Scenes are an immersive, ultra HD, Slow TV viewing experience—unencumbered by words—showing our world at its most beautiful. One hour of uninterrupted coral reefs and marine wildlife in Belize.


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