Destination spotlight: Diving off the Devil’s Rock

Located in the Corcovado Bay in Osa, Costa Rica, Caño Island offers an array of water-dwelling wildlife, from white tip sharks and sea turtles to giant oceanic manta rays and dolphins. This abundance of sea life, beautiful beaches and coral beds draw in a number of tourists every year, especially those looking to do some diving.

The signature dive site on Caño Island is El Bajo Del Diablo, which translates to “The Devil’s Rock”. It is full of rocky pinnacles and valleys, and home to schools of grunts, jacks and snappers.

Our crews recently visited Caño Island to film the local underwater fauna that thrives there, for an upcoming program called Great Blue Wild. The above images were provided by our underwater videographer Kay-Burn Lim, who provided a few comments about the featured images as well.

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