An ode to the immensity of Canada’s seasonally-changing wilderness

The camera slowly pans over a glacier. White clouds are seen swirl silently over icy cornices above, held hanging against a deep blue sky—waiting for release. The view shifts, moving under soaring evergreens, their pine needles matted with layer upon layer of fresh snow; wrapped up tight in winter’s hardship. These branches stand still in the cold crystalline air for just a moment, then the world changes.

Lambs suddenly dash about under a reinvigorated sun on a hilltop overlooking sweeping glacial valleys, today dry and clear of ice. Steep scree slopes lie suddenly exposed, thick in shadow cast down by towering cliffs that rise vertical—splitting the sky with their thundering ascent. The seasonal melt has freed the rivers, awakening life. Green moss creeps over old trees, last year’s leaves poking out between puddles and the sodden soil. Water rushes by before turning into a great field of bullrushes, draped heavily in the mist of a gentle autumn rain. Dead grass shines bright in a brilliant sun. Then we see those same evergreen, today missing winter’s coat, standing proud—overseers of yet another full cycle of Canada’s massive and majestic wilderness.

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Nature Scenes are an immersive, HD, Slow TV viewing experience—unencumbered by words—showing our world at its most beautiful. One half hour of uninterrupted footage of Canada’s most stunning National Parks.