Destination spotlight: Underwater around the world’s ‘most beautiful island’

Dive into Costa Rica’s underwater paradise with these amazing photos, captured whilst filming for Love Nature’s upcoming new show Great Blue Wild, coming soon

Located approximately 550km (342 miles) off Costa Rica’s Pacific shore, Cocos Island is one of the country’s foremost national parks. The island is home to a number of magnificent animals, on land, but especially in the surrounding waters too.

Under the waves, you’ll find 30 different species of coral reef, 60 species of crustacean, 600 different types molluscs and over 300 separate species of fish. Hammerhead sharks, giant mantas, bottlenose dolphins, humpback whales and three different types of sea turtle can all be seen swimming around this underwater paradise.

Indeed, Cocos is so diverse in wildlife—both above ground and under the waves—that Jacques Cousteau himself claimed it to be ‘the most beautiful island in the world.’