Wales’ coast is a rugged reminder of the power of the sea

Imagine a footpath that follows the coastal border of an entire country, and you’ll have a basic understanding of the Wales Coast Path, an uninterrupted 1,400-kilometre walking path that follows the beautiful and wild coastline of Wales.

Wales sometimes gets overshadowed by the other countries in the United Kingdom, but it is a trailblazer (literally!) in its own right. The first country to create a dedicated footpath next to most of its coastline, it boasts views that are breathtakingly unique. And while there are plenty of rugged, rocky seascapes to be seen from the Welsh coast, the trail also brings walkers past lighthouses, through quaint seaside towns, and along bucolic country scenes.

If you wish you could walk the trail but don’t have time for a trip to Wales, we’ve got you covered with a gallery of views from the coast that are the next-best thing to being there. So come on a virtual hike along one of the most acclaimed footpaths on earth — you won’t even have to put on your shoes.