Space Files

Can you imagine that right now there are HUGE areas of the universe that we don’t know about? The universe is a vast wonder that encompasses all and more than we know. Scientist Alan Guth wrote that the universe may be 10 billion, trillion times the size of our visible patch inspiring us with awe and marvel. Love Nature Space Files offer a chance to discover more about the mysterious universe and the millions of particles that make it up.

Did You Know: The Earth is 93 million miles from the sun.

If you write that down it is 93,000,000 – a lot of zeros. 93 million miles is hard for anyone to picture. 34,444,444,444 x London buses or 55,357,142 x the highest tree ever recorded – “Hyperion”.

The majestic cheetah may be the fastest animal in the world but it would take between 51,666 – 56,985 days for a cheetah to run to the moon at speeds of between 68 mph and 75 mph. It would still be a lot faster than us average humans, who would take over 1.2 million days to stroll that distance.


Did You Know: A white dwarf is a stellar core remnant composed mostly of electron-degenerate matter and it is so dense that a teaspoon of matter from its core would weigh a thousand metric tons.

All this mass fits inside a White Dwarf which is, on average, just slightly bigger than the earth. This is what makes it one of the densest forms of matter. Only Neutrons and Black Holes are denser.

It’s hard to believe that temperatures within these White Dwarfs can be up to 100,000 degrees, but that really depends on how old it is, as temperatures decrease the older they get.

Interested in finding out more about Black Holes, White Stars and Neutrons?