Hero firefighters save animals from Dubai inferno

Dubai firefighters risked life and limb last week to rescue several animals from the burning Sulafa Tower—one of the world’s tallest residential buildings—in an extraordinary measure of selfless public service.

The heroic firefighters worked quickly whilst the blaze raged up and down the 75-story building, making numerous return trips to save the many dogs, cats, birds, and other animals trapped inside the burning structure.

The frightened animals were placed in cages, carried down the extensive flights of stairs, and reunited with their owners outside.

Animal protection charity PETA was so impressed by the team’s above-and-beyond efforts that they have decided to honour the firefighters with a ‘Hero to Animals Award’, which takes the form of a framed certificate and a letter of appreciation from the organisation.

It’s clear Dubai residents are very fortunate to have emergency-service personnel who are ready to protect and serve both the city’s human and animal residents.

You can tweet your thanks to the Dubai Civil Defence here.

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