Maggots Look Like Mini Walruses

This is myiasis, the world of botflies, maggots, and the worms living inside of you.

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Fishing Cat: The Cat That Hunts Underwater

Life in the mangroves of South Asia is difficult, but there’s one creature in this swamp that’s defying the odds, and our expectations at the same time. This is the Fishing Cat.

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Condor: King of Thieves

Born into a family of scavengers and opportunistic thieves, this bird soars over some of the most unforgiving landscapes on earth. Meet the king of thieves: the Condor.

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Sand Cat: The King of the Desert

Sand Cats may not look the part, but they are built to handle the extremes of one of the harshest environments on Earth.

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Coconut Crab: Your Worst Nightmare

Meet the crab that Charles Darwin called ‘monstrous’.

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5 animals with abilities that outdo humans

Mantis Shrimps Mantis shrimps are marine crustaceans that live in warm shallow water. They typically grow to be six to twelve inches in length, and live between three to six years. Though this colourful crustacean is small in size, they’ve actually got the world’s fastest and most powerful punch. Two raptorial appendages on the front … Continued

The Dark Side of Evolution

Melanism is an adaptation that makes an animal dark, and it serves two purposes: it increases an animal’s chance of survival and it makes it look awesome.

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Gharials: Don’t Boop The Snoot

Gharials look like a crocodile mixed with a narwhal.

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These Animals Rip Their Limbs Off To Escape Danger

Cut off one limb, another shall take its place. Hail autotomy.

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Why Do Some Animals Eat Poop?

If you’re a dung beetle, all you need is poop.

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Air Breathing Animals That Live Under Water

Most people would assume that all aquatic animals get their oxygen from water, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, there are many sea creatures that need to breathe air to survive! Check out these animals below:  Dolphins/Whales Dolphins and whales may look very similar to their fish companions with their body resembling a … Continued

Up Close With a Sloth - Animalogic Rewind 2019

Thank you for an amazing 2019! It’s our five year anniversary on YouTube, and we thought it was about time you met the crew. So come behind the scenes in this year in review look at 2019.

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These Invertebrates Shoot Acid

Throughout the world animals have evolved some truly remarkable defense mechanisms, and these are no exception. These invertebrates spray their attackers with acid.

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Millipedes Don’t Skip Leg Day

Get ready to meet the leggy arthropods that conquered the Earth.

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Electric Eels Are Powerful Enough to Kill A Horse

Of all the amazing species on the planet, the most shocking are the ones that harness electricity.

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Jellyfish Lake: What happened to the ban they set in 2017?

Going swimming with the jellyfish in Palau has been an item on many people’s bucket list that unfortunately had to be put on hiatus in 2017. In 2016 scientist warned, that these famous jellyfish had all but disappeared.  Some experts even warned that the lake’s future ecosystem may be at risk. David Gruber, marine biologist, … Continued

We Failed Domesticating the Moose, But Foxes Might Work

Domestication allowed our species to conquer the globe. This is how it works.

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The Weirdest Animals Humans Have Tried to Domesticate in History

Why have we successfully domesticated some animals and not others?

11 Facts You Didn't Know About the Manatee

Manatee’s are large fully aquatic mammals that are sometimes referred to as sea cows. Some of their unique features include an egg-shaped head, flippers and a flat tail. In honour of Manatee Awareness Month, here are a few facts you might not have known about this adorable aquatic mammal.   Manatees where once mistaken for … Continued

Cockroaches Can Go In Your Ears

Did you know cockroaches can go in your ears?

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Cannibalism: These Animals Eat Their Own Kind

Our Halloween haunts are usually based in the supernatural. But the scariest monsters are the ones that are found throughout the natural world. Cannibals.

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The Fennec Fox Is Suspiciously Cute

In one of the world’s most inhospitable places lives one of the cutest predators. This is the Fennec Fox.

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