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Bereaved behaviour: Animals that mourn their loved ones

Historically, science has radically underestimated animal intelligence and emotions. Just a few decades ago we considered animals to have vastly different brains to our own, lacking moment-to-moment consciousness, emotions and foresight, but modern science has shown this is simply not the case. In 2012 leading scientists published the ‘Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness in Non-Human Animals’, … Continued

Innovation for conservation: 5 technologies that are saving species

Since the new millennium, technology has advanced at a rate never before seen in the history of humankind. Yet so far we have only made relatively small steps when it comes to applying these new advances to the most pressing issue of all: the health of our planet. Today we teeter at a critical tipping … Continued

The definitive big cat cookbook for taking down the perfect prey

Big cats are one of our planets most successful groups of predators which have existed in one form or another (Felidae) for 25 million years. Today they are found on every continent except Antarctica, living in environments ranging from dry deserts and freezing tundra to tropical rainforests and lush grasslands. The tiger, lion, jaguar, leopard, … Continued

The animal origins of 10 mythological creatures

In this day and age we can all be a bit skeptical. Collectively our default mode is set to the belief that the world has been fully mapped out, explored, documented and done with. There are no magical creatures out there now; no dragons, unicorns, or other wild and wonderful beasts from the annuls of … Continued

More than half of all sea turtles have eaten plastic, says study

Last week Dr Qamar Schuyler (University of Queensland), along with a team of international scientists, published a report in the journal Global Change Biology which aimed to quantify the impact of marine debris on sea turtles. Using modelling techniques they revealed that up to 52% of sea turtles world-wide may have ingested plastic debris. Plastic … Continued