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Mystical forests and towering mountain ranges cover Vancouver Island

Canada is full of forests, but very little of the country’s landmass is actual rainforest. However, Vancouver Island is an exception. Full of moss, ferns, fungi, and towering trees, the forests of Vancouver Island are verdant and lush, the symbolic lungs of the country breathing in mist and whispering ancient secrets. Vancouver Island is a … Continued

Ireland’s landscapes have been carved out by mythical forces

Ireland is a small country, and yet it’s known for being both culturally rich and naturally gorgeous. While sitting elbow-to-elbow with the locals in a tiny pub is an essential part of the Irish experience, so is getting out into the countryside to take in landscapes that feel almost impossibly massive. This is a country … Continued

Wolf pups practice pack behavior by howling together

Humans tend to think of wolves as fearsome and wild predators—an accurate representation in some respects—but this video of wolf pups howling together shows a different side of these wildest of dogs. The pups are seen trotting along a country road in Northern Quebec, and when one kicks up a call, the others soon follow. … Continued

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Desperate dolphin throws itself on rocks to escape hunters

Ric O’Barry, founder of The Dolphin Project and subject of the 2009 documentary The Cove, captured this troubling footage over the weekend. The Taiji dolphin drive, which occurs each fall, began this past Friday in Taiji, Japan. The dolphin drive kills more than one thousand dolphins each year for commercial purposes, while others are captured … Continued

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Stunning video shows dolphin pod riding waves of jade

This footage, captured at a beach in Esperance, Australia, is breathtakingly beautiful—a huge pod of dolphins slides through the turquoise water, chasing the waves and darting back to leap into the air, over and over again. This performance was done for the dolphins’ own pleasure, but nevertheless they put on an amazing show. Dolphins can … Continued

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